PeroxyChem is a global leader in peroxygen and adjacent chemistries. The company employs approximately 550 people throughout the world, with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. With a commitment to safety at its core. PeroxyChem supplies customized chemistries for electronics, energy, environmental, food safety, pulp, paper, polymer, and other industrial and consumer markets.

All execution styles, colors and illustration styles mock those of their current branding.

PeroxyChem likes to integrate their safety PERLS in their desktop backgrounds to keep safety top of mind.

Every year, Peroxychem utilizes their coined PERLS of safety during the holidays to make personalized and relevant cards pertaining to General, Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Science and Food & Beverage departments. Each was then translated into German and Spanish.

PeroxyChem's new product, Achaean Bulk System, is a holding tank that holds product thats purpose is to clean wastewater for household use. The client had a request to have the logo represent a sleek and iconic Achaean war helmet. They chose the name Achaean because the lead competitor in this market is named Trojan, which in history, the Achaean's defeated the Trojans with thanks to the Trojan horse.

'We Care' hard hat sticker based off of the existing website.